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Are you intrigued by the ancient Joshua Trees of the Coachella Valley? Do you love the vintage desert towns, the wide-open spaces, or the unique Airbnbs? If so, then a Joshua Tree elopement might be right for you!!

Today you’ll find all of my best tips in this guide to eloping in Joshua Tree National Park! Enjoy!

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Tip #1 | Joshua Tree Elopement Guide

Pick a Weekday

With any national park, the weekends can get a little busy! For a little peace and privacy, opt for a weekday for your Joshua Tree elopement day! Not only will you have the park all to yourself, but you will also have more accommodation options! J Tree is known for its unique Airbnb’s and visiting on a weekday will help guarantee you get your pick of amazing spots!

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Tip #2 | Everything you need to know to elope in Joshua Tree

Make a day of it

If you are wanting to elope in Joshua Tree National Park, you are looking for a unique experience. A cookiecutter 20 min ceremony and some posed “quick pics” aren’t really going to cut it for your day.

Make a day of it! Embrace the wild nature and the vintage desert town vibes this amazing area has to offer! Visit colorful Palm Springs, dig your own cactus at Cactus Mart, hike in Joshua Tree National Park, visit funky museums or tour Pioneer Town, try Geocaching, relax in your Airbnb outdoor hot tub, hang out in a hammock, take photos in an airstream, stargaze to see the best stars of your life, or experience Desert X. Your day can be a whirlwind of fun + amazing sights. March to the beat of your own drum while in Joshua tree, everyone else here does!

Joshua Tree Elopement Guide explaining everything you need to know to elope in Joshua Tree national park

Tip #3 | Joshua Tree elopement guide

Explore location options

When it comes to the epic wedding day photos you are going to get here and where you’d like to have your ceremony, you have several options for choosing a location:

  • Research and find locations on your own. If you are familiar with the park or want to hit the books and research where you’d like to have your amazing ceremony or wedding day photos, go for it! Just remember to be cautious of permit regulations and lighting of certain areas during certain times of day (the sun can be pretty intense here!)
  • Consult your Joshua Tree elopement photographer! I’ve vetted multiple hikes and locations within the park for the best lighting and backgrounds! I’m always happy to share all of my best spots with my couples looking to elope in Joshua Tree National Park! I also help with permit regulations and help you get the documents you need.
  • Opt for something a little more spontaneous! If you are looking for a truly wild adventure, one where you throw planning to the wind, just show up with an open heart and let Joshua Tree take you for the ride of a lifetime!
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Tip #4 | Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer

Chat up an expert

If you’ve never visited a destination like Joshua Tree, you might want to chat up an expert! There are a few tips that will significantly elevate your experience! First, wear close-toed shoes (you WILL run into many pricklies throughout the day). Avoid visiting June through September (unless you like hot temps!) and always bring more water than you think you’ll need!

If you’d like a rundown on the best times to visit Joshua Tree just get in touch!

Similarly, if you’ve never planned an elopement, you might be feeling a little lost on where to start! You don’t have to have everything figured out before getting in touch with me! I’m here to help you from any point in the journey you stand. I’ll gently guide you through to the Joshua Tree elopement day of your dreams!

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Tip #5 | Joshua Tree Elopement Guide

Invest in your memories

Joshua Tree is an incredibly artistic and unique place. I would only imagine you are looking for wicked amazing photos to match!

Investing in your elopement photography is crucial for so many reasons but one of them is that your experience hangs in the balance. If you are looking for something unique, wild, and free — you want someone who is invested in your experience just as much as they are there to provide some pretty incredible photos. I’m here to help you have both the best photos and the best time of your life! My job goes beyond just showing up and taking basic pictures. I take the time to get to know you two and your desires and use that to tailor your entire day and photos!

Eloping couples dedicate about 50-80% of their total budget to their elopement photography because they know that without someone they connect with by their side, their day could go a totally different direction!

Interested in eloping in Joshua Tree?

Now that you know a little more about how to elope in Joshua Tree, are you just dying to get to it? I sure am. Fill out the pink form below and I’ll get to work to help you put together your amazing vision!! 

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