Elopement wedding ceremony in Big Sur with gorgeous views

Everything You Need to Know to Elope in Big Sur

Big Sur Elopement Guide

Big Sur is a truly breathtaking place. The idea alone of a Big Sur elopement just gives me chills.

If this is your dream, then read on because I’d like to help you make this a reality!

Sweeping views of couple getting married on a Big Sur cliff
Couple walking on the beach in Big Sur

Tip #1 | Big Sur Elopement Guide

Pick a Weekday

This tip always makes the top of my list because it’s ESSENTIAL to having the kind of Big Sur elopement of your dreams. It’s not fun to run into crowds, struggle with parking, or have people in the background of your photos! Choosing a weekday (and maybe even a slightly off-season time of year) for your elopement day automatically sets you up for success!

Celebrating getting married with a fancy bottle of champagne
Elopement couple dancing to Neil Young at sunset

Dancing to Neil Young at sunset 🥰

Tip #2 | Everything you need to know to elope in Big Sur

Make a day of it

If you are thinking about a Big Sur elopement, then you probably aren’t looking for just a 20 min ceremony, some quick pics, and then go home. You are looking for a true adventure! Over here, we get that!

The incredible elopements I’ve had the honor of being a part of have lasted ALLLLL day, people. It’s pretty amazing. You can: dance on the beach to Neil Young, grab some ice cream, have a 5-star dinner, sleep in a treehouse, hike a 2-mile trail, pop some champagne, cruise the 101 in a VW bus, or hit up a local bakery for a wedding day treat. Make a whole day of it!

I encourage you to celebrate hard for your elopement day because the number of people attending has no impact on the fact that committing the rest of your lives together is a big, big deal!

Elopement ceremony in Big Sur
Elopement ceremony in Big Sur

Tip #3 | Big Sur elopement guide

Explore location options

You have a few options when it comes to eloping in Big Sur and choosing a location. You can:

  • Research and find locations yourself. You will also need to pay attention to permit regulations (as well as lighting and weather patterns!)
  • Consult your Big Sur elopement photographer! With any of my Big Sur Elopement Packages, location assistance comes included! I will listen to your vision, present matching location options, and help with any permit regulations we need to follow!
  • Opt for something a little more spontaneous! Having knowledge of the area, I can take you on a wild adventure where we throw planning to the wind and just follow our hearts! We can cruise up and down the 101 and stop at any pullout, beach, or trail that calls to us!
McWay Falls
Couple watching a sunset in Big Sur

Tip #4 | Everything you need to know to elope in Big Sur

Chat up an expert

Feeling the struggle when it comes to choosing a location among so many stunning ones? Knowing how to pull it all together when there are so many awesome things you want to do? Getting the lowdown on all the local secrets and seasonal weather?

That’s where I come in! You don’t have to have everything figured out before you get in touch with me. I’m here to gently guide you through the entire process and take away your stress! Elopements are about having fun, following your heart, and getting married YOUR way –don’t let any uncertainty or stress come between you and the elopement you deserve! Chat me up and let’s squash all those worries today!

peaceful tree at sunset
Big Sur elopement guide explaining everything you need to know to elope in Big Sur

Tip #5 | Big Sur Elopement Guide

Invest in your memories

With an elopement, YOU get to decide where you’d like to splurge. If you don’t care too much about the dress, pass on spending thousands on it. If you aren’t much of a foodie, pack lots of hiking snacks and call it a day. If you aren’t into fancy hotels, opt for a cabin or glamping! You get to decide what would make your day feel special to you and what might mean the most when looking back on it in 50 years.

The only area where I strongly urge you to invest is in your elopement photography (usually 50-80% of the total budget).

So many people regret spending money on all the STUFF, realizing it all didn’t really matter! But what couples never regret is spending money on photography.

Out of allllllll the things that may not mean much to you in the future, the photos will mean everything.

That’s the one thing that you have to look at like a true investment — it will only get more valuable over time!

Interested in eloping in Big Sur?

Now that you know a little more about how to elope in Big Sur, are you just dying to get to it? I sure am. Fill out the pink form below and I’ll get to work to help you put together your amazing vision!! 

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