20 Best Places to Elope in California | Gorgeous California Elopement Locations

California Elopement Locations You Should Consider

20 Best Places to Elope in California

Has the idea of eloping in California been intriguing you?! Have you been wondering where the best places to elope in California are?

Well, after today’s post, that little curiosity may turn into a full-on plan because I’ve got SOOO many gorgeous California elopement locations to share with you that I’m certain you’ll want for your day!

Please note: All locations mentioned are outdoor areas that need your care! Please follow all Leave No Trace principles (especially with wildflowers) and enjoy these beautiful, wild places! Permits may be required. As your California elopement photographer, I can help you navigate picking a location, acquiring permits, and following LNT principles!

Here are the top 20 best places to elope in California! Enjoy!

Moñtana De Oro

Absolute best place to elope in California is Montana De Oro because it's so peaceful and beautiful
Couple in Montana De Oro with 2-piece boho outfit

Ok, this place is gorge, right?! It’s calm, quiet, and there’s both beach access as well as trails up along the cliffs. What more could you ask for?!

Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Anza Borrego Elopement Location in California
Anza Borrego is one of the most underrated places to elope in California

What a hidden gem! Anza Borrego has all kinds of awesome nooks and crannies. Between the views at Font’s Point, the wildflowers that pop up every spring, and the mountain backdrops, I don’t know why it isn’t on more people’s radars! I guess we can just keep it to ourselves for now!

Yosemite National Park

Epic California elopement location, Yosemite National Park at sunset
elopement couple sitting on a rock in one of the most gorgeous places to elope in California, Yosemite National Park

Epic. Right?! That’s the one word that comes to mind?

Yose is such a special place! Because of that, it does have quite a few visitors every year so I always recommend having your Yosemite national park elopement on a weekday to cut down on crowds!


First kiss during boho elopement ceremony in Ojai
Beautiful glowy sunset light and a bride in a boho Grace Loves Lace gown

If you love vintage campers, small-town charm, and mountain backdrops, then Ojai may be your place!!

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore Wildflowers in the spring with couple kissing amongst them
Couple walking in wildflower field in Lake Elsinore

Everyone knows about the wildflowers at Walker Canyon, but I like to take my clients to an equally as beautiful spot but significantly more private! Enjoy your own little slice of Lake Elsinore from atop a wildflower-covered hill!

San Diego

Elopement wedding ceremony at Sunset Cliffs
Elopement bride walking across the rocks in Sunset Cliffs Park, California

San Diego has SO many amazing spots, I’ve had to create a whole separate list just for this area! If you’re looking for stunning cliffs, sandy beaches, amazing sunsets, and rolling hills all while being in very close access to all the best amenities, then San Diego might just be your place!

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Are you looking for STUNNING mountains?! Maybe some snowcapped ranges or summit hikes? I think some of the best mountain views California has to offer are right here in the center of the state. I’m happy to provide a full breakdown of the views that can be all yours! Just get in touch!

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Bride spinning in wildflowers for Carrizo Plain elopement location
elopement couple in Carrizo Plain National Monument with yellow wildflowers

Another hidden gem, Carrizo Plain National Monument, is such a neat spot! During the Spring, the landscape lights up with colorful wildflowers and I’m in awe every time I see it! The area is quite large so it’s easy to get away from the crowds and find your own little spot among the wildflowers 🌸

Mendocino Headlands State Park

If you are looking for an Oregon-esque rocky coastline view, Mendocino is just for you!

O’Neill Regional Park

Best place to elope in Orange County, California is O'Neill Regional Park
Couple laughing at sunrise in O'Neill Regional Park

I can never believe this little spot exists amongst the hustle and bustle of Orange county. Perfect for watching the sunrise over the mountains, this little hike in O’Neill Regional Park offers plenty of beautiful trees, camping, and a frog pond. Wicked cute, huh? If you need a close to home, peaceful paradise for your elopement day, this may be for you.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara elopement couple kissing under a tree
Santa Barbara elopement couple in a lavender field

One of my favorite places to visit, Santa Barbara is the perfect mix between small town and city. It has everything you could ever want! Beautiful accommodations, local wine, lavender fields, mountains, rocky coastlines, and some serious local flavor.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an awesome elopement location because of it's VW buses and restaurants
Gorgeous california elopement location, Laguna Beach with couple on the beach at sunset

Classic Laguna Beach is the perfect spot for the laid back surfers, VW bus enthusiasts, and hippie types (guilty as charged🙋🏻‍♀️). Quintessential Cali right here.

Laguna Beach has so many beautiful spots, like 1000 Steps Beach, Heisler Park, Crystal Cove State Park, and many more, all within walking distance to a world-class dining experience. If you are looking for a little bit of high end mixed in with your adventure — elope in Laguna Beach!

Glamis Sand Dunes

Sand dunes elopement inspiration for list of best places to elope in California

Sand dunes are entirely way toooo fun. Are you looking to play in a giant sandbox? Because I am.

The Glamis Sand Dunes in Southern California offer a landscape that is so unusual for the US, I just can’t get enough! If you are going for Moroccan boho vibe, my vote is you head to Glamis Sand Dunes for your California elopement location!

Big Sur

Couple celebrates after their Big Sur elopement wedding ceremony at one of the best places to elope in California
Big Sur elopement location with the big sweeping landscape and setting sun

One of the best and most popular places to elope in California, Big Sur is a rugged, untouched section of the coast that is absolutely magical!! Foggy sunsets, crashing waves, and jutting mountains out of the ocean horizon line make this spot an absolute stunner for any couple interested in eloping in California.

Joshua Tree National Park

boho elopement in Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park is one of the best places to elope in California

I grew up with Joshua Tree National Park as my backyard so it holds a special place in my heart. With its recent gain in popularity, please take care of my homeland (aka no chopping down 1,000-year-old J trees please!) and definitely consider eloping in Joshua Tree National Park on a weekday with a permit!

Although I’m used to the heat, be aware that this area gets HOT — like 120 degrees hot in the summertime 😉

Channel Islands National Park

Want to feel like you are in a whole other world? The Channel Islands is off the beaten path and still has such a wild feel to it. The views are incredible and I couldn’t imagine a better, more private place to say your vows!

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is one of the best places to elope in California
Groom playing his guitar during Sequoia Elopement in California

Eloping at Sequoia National Park will make you feel small in all the best ways possible. This big tree forest is absolutely magical and pairs so well with all things boho. Grab your lover and head on out to Sequoia for the adventure of a lifetime!

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley elopement location on list of best places to elope in California

I bet you’ve never seen this national park make a “best places to elope in California” list before! Thanks to my friend Julie Haider for showing me it’s potential!

Death Valley has sand dunes, salt flats, and super interesting canyons! Not to mention the night sky is absolutely breathtaking!! (Hello cool stary night photos!) Just be sure to come in the cool months to make this elopement location shine!

Bay Area

The Bay Area is one of the most beautiful places to elope in California
Couple having fun on beach that is one of the best places to elope in California

When looking for places to elope in California, so many couples turn to the Bay Area! It is such a STUNNING and iconic section of the US. I’ve got an entire post dedicated to this area in the works because there’s just that much! Stay tuned for this full blog post!! (or email me right now to get the lowdown 😉)

Redwoods National and State Parks

Ahhh, the Redwoods. So enchanting!

This area is so unique because it brings the crashing waves, driftwood covered beaches, magical ancient trees, and lovely little coastal towns all together! What a special pick for your elopement experience!


Malibu Elopement wedding on the beach and it's one of the best places to elope in California

Eloping in Malibu is never a bad idea. One of the dreamiest communities to drop in and be a part of for a day. Imagine waking up in a beautiful villa, dining at all the best restaurants, and getting to say your vows in one of the most gorgeous places on earth! Ok, I’m in. How about you?

Couple running on Malibu cliffs at sunset for elopement pictures
Do you want to elope in California now or what?!

I’m so passionate about sharing all of the beauty California has to offer to eloping couples as well as sharing my personal secret locations + all my best tips to having your best day ever! If you are interested in hearing more, fill out the pink contact form below!

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