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Best Resturants in Albuqeruque

It’s a little bit funny thinking about writing an article on non-New Mexican food in New Mexico. My problem is, I love New Mexican food and every time I come into town I want to eat just that! I’m usually there for a week or two at a time so, in the end, I’m visiting restaurants beyond the New Mexican category. Here are some of my favorites: 

Best Restaurants in Albuquerque



With two locations, Farina’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar Downtown and Farina Alto in the Heights, this italian style restaurant is a popular choice among my family members! I’ve been here for sister lunch dates, birthdays, graduations, and other gatherings. One of the likely reasons we like it is the wine selection,  but for me personally, it’s the dessert! I guess I do love a good margarita pizza as well…

Farina's Pizzeria

Appetizer: Arancini

Pizza: Margarita

This appetizer, which is fried risotto with 3 kinds of cheese, snuck up on us. We didn’t expect it to be so good! Between the two sister restaurants, I think this appetizer may only be available at Farina Altos. We also shared a Margarita Pizza which was delicious, as always. Anther favorite is the Bianca Pizza which has artichoke hearts, sage, mozzarella, ricotta, and truffle oil — yum!

Farina's Pizza Farina's Pizzeria

Finally, comes my very favorite part — dessert! This is the Butterscotch Budino, and it’s topped with caramel, sea salt, and whipped cream. Every time I come in, it is a MUST!

Butterscotch Budino Dessert at Farina's Albuquerque


La Crêpe Michel

La Crêpe Michel is fun because it’s located in the historic Old Town district, and they have a tree growing right in the middle of their dining room! The buildings are old adobe and it is such an interesting place to walk around. It was so fun trying something new while in town over the summer, and I know this will be on our list of places to check out again!


La Crepe Michel

La Crepe Michel

Crêpe aux Epinards (pictured top right) was one of their vegetarian options and it was incredible! I didn’t know I could like a non-dessert crepe so much haha! Vincent and I couldn’t decide on just one dessert crepe to share so we each got our own flavors. Vincent went for one with chocolate and banana and I tried one with pear and ice cream. They were both delicious so I’m glad we didn’t have to share!

La Crepe Michel Albuquerque La Crepe Michel Albuquerque La Crepe Michel Old Town Best restaurant in Old Town Albuquerque

Honorable Mentions:

Squeezed Juice Bar – I never roll through town without grabbing an amazing green juice from Squeezed!

Luca – To balance all of the desserts, I love grabbing a Kale Lemon Vinaigrette Caesar from Luca! It’s really the only way to enjoy kale.

Don’t forget to check out our blog post on actual New Mexican food in Albuquerque!

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