Colonial Dames Society Wedding | Keri + Jen | Philadelphia, PA

Colonial Dames Wedding Philadelphia

Keri + Jen

A Colonial Dames Society Wedding

I can’t even tell you how loved and taken care of I feel around these two. Their families are amazing, they are amazing, and their love is out of this world! If I’m just their photographer (turned friend), then I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be Keri or Jen receiving the loads of whole-hearted love they give to each other on the daily.

Their Colonial Dames Society Wedding is such a sweet one filled with all the most precious moments! Before I get to that, I’ll let you hear from these two first:

From Keri

“Jen is so worldly. She designs buildings for a living. She reads the newspaper. She can finish the crossword. She knows how to cook with scallions. She knows how to fix bicycles. She did all of her own electrical and walls and flooring in her house. She volunteers for an organization that fixes houses of less fortunate people that need help finishing a project and don’t have the funds or have crumbling stairs. She knows how to train a dog and throw a proper housewarming party. She actually donates clothes that she doesn’t wear instead of leaving them in her closet. She knows what the best sale price is at Yankee Candle. She wears her pencil in her ear when she is thinking hard. I cherish how much she doesn’t notice how amazing she is and that a person so worldly could find me interesting.

I would like my bride-to-be to know how much the little things she does are so appreciated. I don’t tell her that enough. She painted her room to match my bedspread before I moved in. She lets me grow a basil farm in our kitchen window because it makes me happy. She puts my family first and always talks to whoever I have on the phone. I love that she cares so much about me.” – Keri

From Jen

“Anywhere we go, if there are children they are drawn to her! She is so fun and happy and so willing to share that joy with everyone! No matter how long or rough of a day, she can always find something to laugh about. I cherish her musical talent. I want her to know that I can make empanadas, I swear! Also that I’m afraid of somersaults. But really that I will fight for us every day of our life no matter how hard the road gets.” – Jen


Colonial Dames Society Wedding Philadelphia




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