Hi, I'mJonia free-spirit.
Boho Elopement Photographer
Boho elopement photographer

I'm known for my constant laughter (seriously, it's constant), flowy dresses, and free-spirited travel habits. Spontaneity, surprises, and meeting new people makes me feel the most alive so, if you ask me, I really think I've landed in the right job. ;)


I'm passionate about the environment, veganism, having experiences over things, and ordering dessert. I don't wear makeup, think hand-me-downs are the best, and dig a slow day in the sun.

Why I love elopements




1. It's a much more freeing experience


Big, traditional wedding days involve shuffling around from one thing to the next without consideration of what you actually want to do. Elopements give you your freedom back -you don't have to suppress a single whim. This day can be 100% yours, as fluid and free as you want it to be.




2. It's what I can envision for myself


Honestly? I photographed big weddings for 10 years. I assumed elopements were an instagram trend, but now I can't see myself getting married any other way. I know I can't be 100% myself in front of gobs of people. I also know that a traditional template for a wedding day feels much too restrictive. I want to feel free on my wedding day.




3. It's easier on the planet


So many things get thrown right into the trash after a wedding day, it's painful to even think about it... have you thought about it? I can't even get into into because I'll just get sad. Do me a favor: google how wasteful the average wedding is. Elopements, on the other hand, are super low impact which makes my hippie heart happy.

My Favorite Things

(Have I mentioned
that yet?)
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60's & 70's Classic Rock

Janis Joplin
The Doors
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
Fleetwood Mac
Bob Dylan
Cat Stevens
Joni Mitchell

I love it all!
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South Africa

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