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My approach to helping couples just like you get the day of their dreams

One:inquire todayso we can chat.

I want to hear alllll about you, your relationship, and your vision for your day. It's ok if you don't have much planned yet, just share your ideas and we can go from there!


Inquire with me today so we can hop on a call and get started on making your dream a reality!

How to Plan a California Elopement
Two:Reserve& happy dance.

You don't need an exact location to reserve your day with me, that's what I'm here for!! To help!


You'll just need to sign your contract electronically (super easy!) and pay your retainer. That's it! Then we are official!!! YAY! Happy dancing over here (...no, seriously, dancing in my chair!)


As soon as we are booked, you'll have access to all the resources + guidance you need to find the straight-out-of-your-dreams location you've been looking for.

Three:plan...the best day.

We’ll do this together by:

  • cultivating a connection between us so that we all feel comfortable being ourselves.
  • we'll go through some deep questions that will help you discover what you two truly want for your wedding experience.
  • narrowing down customized list of all of the exact location suggestions and activity ideas to help it all come to fruition!

You pick what you like, and it's done!

Boho Elopement Inspiration
Four:live itto the fullest.

What does your perfect day look like? Forget the word wedding for a moment. Imagine your ideal, no-stress morning. Do you enjoy a slow cup of tea, listening to the birds chirping, or, heck, surfing at sunrise, we aren't rushed! We are on our time --not anyone else's.


Your portrait time will be filled with laughter, silly games, and some major cuddles. I want your true selves to shine and thrive, so I provide a safe, judgment-free space where anything goes!


While we will be stopping at epic spots for portraits from time to time, during a lot of the day I'll be capturing candids of what fills you up. Dance in a field of flowers, go horseback riding, jump into a hot spring, or sing a song under a tree. We can go with the flow, change plans on a whim, and just be open to the unique and unpredictable experiences we will have together (skinny dipping included!) There's no telling what adventure we might get into!


When we find a spot that just feels right, it's time for your ceremony! Imagine yourselves out in the wilderness, proclaiming your love and lifelong vows without a thought of who can hear you. You don't have to hold back any of your crazy antics or censor your real-life kind of love. Just speak from the heart and take in every second!

Five:relive itover and over.

The sneaky kiss when you thought no one was looking, that teary gaze during your vows, the way you wrap your arms around each other and hug tightly. It will all be captured for you to relive over and over again.


The loud fun, the big laughs, but also the little emotional moments that many overlook. You will have a complete story of the best day of your life. From the placing of your flower crown in the morning to the dancing at dusk on a mountaintop. You will have it all to keep --forever.

Does this sound like the freeing experience you’ve been looking for?

Get in touch today so we can start designing your magical day!

What other couples are saying:

"First and foremost, I appreciated that I never felt embarrassed while working with Joni. I tend to be super uncomfortable showing and expressing affection and I was SO afraid of being judged for not gushing like a "typical bride."

Joni made me feel like it was ok to be myself.

Joni made me feel more comfortable and grounded in the whole experience being about "us" rather than the production aspect of it all. We loved having Joni there and her infectious lightheartedness calmed me down. It was amazing to have someone who lets you enjoy those personal moments with your family and friends but was also able to join in on some laughs and be a part of the group!

Since moving to Nebraska, our lives have drastically changed since our time in New Mexico. We have changed as individuals but also as a couple! This realization has made viewing our wedding photos a truly emotional experience for me because no matter how much our world changes, for that snapshot in time, those were the people and the moments that really mattered to us. Those precious photographs feel timeliness and remind me that in an ever-changing world, love is constant. I believe this sentiment will carry on into our future and I'm beyond thankful that Joni's photographs have been so inspirational."


"Every single photograph you took captures something amazing about us.

Whether it's the way I laugh at Jen, or the way she looks at me, or the way our body language is comfortable while we walk down the road together… I never realized how much body language there is when it's just us. It is truly amazing to see ourselves through someone else's eyes.

Thank you so much for capturing our essence in your photos.

We can't thank you enough for everything, from emails and phone calls, to site scouting in Grand Teton National Park, to making us laugh and dance and smile, to making us look and feel beautiful."

- Keri Ann

"Cody and I wanted a person who cared about our journey as much as we did and someone to make us feel comfortable along the way... and boy did we hit the jackpot!!!

I didn't feel like we were doing this crazy stressful photo shoot but, as if Cody and I were just experiencing something special and someone was there to capture the moment. The way she guided us through certain poses and exercises was so fun and enjoyable. I was so worried that our pictures would not seem natural and genuine and that's exactly what they are!! I'm pretty much laughing in every one of our pictures because Joni made us feel so relaxed and in the moment.

Our pictures are everything and more than what we dreamed of."


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I want to hear from you today!

It's ok if you don't have a date or location yet --that's what I'm here for! To help you!

Just share your vision and we will make it come to life. Together.


All other inquires email [email protected]


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