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Janay + Cody

A TC Steele Wedding


I can’t even get around to talking about Janay & Cody’s TC Steele Wedding and how perfect it was because I need all the room possible to talk about them as people. Together, they are the so meant to be. They somehow match each other’s enormous amounts of selflessness, kindness, reliability, and FUN-NESS (if that is even a word). They have one of the strongest foundations I’ve ever witnessed in a couple and I can’t wait to see where that takes them. Sweet Janay may be small, but she is quite the firecracker! She is spunky, sexy, and a blast to be around! Yet, she balances all of that with the most gentle heart and caring soul. This girl had me in tears so many times on this day (one of them being when she dedicated a Janis Joplin song to me and my birthday) and I feel so grateful to have her in my life!




“My absolute favorite quality of Cody’s is his ability to be selfless. Not only do I adore his ability to put others needs before his own, but I wish I could be more like him. I never thought that I would ever truly be able to confide in someone until he showed me what it means to be a pure soul. Cody has shown me what it is to be a truly genuine person. Every day he encourages me to be the best version of myself and he would drop everything in an instant if I needed his help. Cody is the most beautiful person that I have ever met inside and out and I am forever thankful of his love.

If I had to choose one memory that is in my top favorite that I have with Cody it would have to be when he took me to the ocean for the first time. Ever since I was a kid I had always had the dream of seeing the ocean. I desperately wanted to know what it was like to smell the ocean air, taste the salty water, and experience a picture-perfect sunset. I never had the opportunity growing up to visit the beach because my parents could never really afford vacations. I was 18 years old when Cody took me on a cruise to Mexico. He woke me up at 5 am to take me out on the deck just as the sun was rising. I will never..ever..forget that moment! Cody and I were the first people out on the deck and it was nothing but us and the infinite ocean. I instantly started crying because it was such a beautiful gift. The colors in the sky from the sun rising made it absolutely an out of this world experience that I will forever cherish.

I would like my groom to know that every day I am thankful and appreciative of the sacrifices that he has made for me. I want him to now that without him I would not be myself. Everything that I live for revolves around him and our little furry family ;) along with creating new memories and experiences. I want him to know that I feel the same as I did 8 years ago when he walked into my life and that spark has only gotten more powerful with time. Staying up late, drinking wine, and having philosophical conversations about music will forever be my favorite things to do. Most importantly I want him to understand that even though we have been unbearably busy, and stressed to what seems like beyond our limits we are where we need to be. Everything is working out perfectly in our little life we call our story. Soon enough we will have our beautiful home and I will have his last name. I am forever thankful Cody McGill and undeserving of your selfless love. I can only pray that one day I can eventually give you what you have given me.” -Janay



“One of my favorite memories is when we booked a cabin called Whippoorwill Woods over Christmas break. It was just me, Janay, and our puppy Everlyn. We had booked it for the weekend and it was amazing. There are so many details that cannot all be covered. Whether it was the cabin, the snow falling over the hillsides, or watching wild turkeys going through the yard we knew that we would eventually be living in Brown County.

It is hard to name just one reason why I want to marry Janay because I feel that a marriage is not complete until all things bring you to that commitment. We both love music, nature, art, simplicity, doggies, and Weetle just to name a few. However, if I said one thing it would have to be how she sees me for how and who I am and who I will be for her and our family in the future. Because love is timeless and she understands that there is no end for the love in the past, present, and future.

I hope she is ready to start the never ending!” -Cody


TC Steele Wedding


Adventurous bride getting into her dress outsideAdventurous bride getting into her dress outsideAdventurous bride getting into her dress outsideTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingFeather Bouquet Eucalyptus and Fruit CakeEucalyptus and Fruit CakeCheersTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingTC Steele WeddingYayShots instead of champagne toastShots instead of champagne toastShots instead of champagne toast

Venue: TC Steele Wedding – T.C. Steel Historic Site | Florals + Decor: DIY by the bride | Catering: Catering By Meyer | Cake: Gnaw Bone Country Store and Bakery

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