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What other couples are saying:

"Joni's photos are tender, intimate, shimmery secrets. They're stolen moments and celebrations. So you need to be willing to let her in and share a quick heartbeat out of your life with her. If you can do that, you will be astounded. If you're looking for showy, ostentatious, engineered, posed, traditional shots.... move on. Otherwise, get ready to see your love the way Joni sees it... in a golden glow of happiness."


"Before hiring Joni I was worried about stale, dull photos and a photographer who took forever and was not engaging. I chose Joni because she was a breath of fresh air during my search for the right photographer. I loved her photos on the blog and when I looked through her work I was struck by how powerfully she captured the emotions and feelings of a moment. I also loved how she incorporated the landscape and nature into her photos in a mesmerizing way. All my fears instantly vanished after my first email to her and later in our call together. She was bright, bubbly while being respectful of the significance of the moment. She seemed like a true woman of her craft."


"Joni just has this natural and genuine soul that makes you feel as if you have known her forever! There's no pressure to do things a certain way... Joni offers her advice and just goes with whatever flow you desire.

My favorite part about this adventure was that not only did Cody and I gain an amazing friend but my family and friends could not get enough of her.

Joni also helped me grow as a person! I was so shy and nervous about how the pictures would turn out... Afterward, I can say that I feel so much more comfortable and confident about my body and myself as a person. A photographer that can help guide that type of experience to me is nothing short of priceless."


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