Wild & Free Boudoir

Do you want to feel free? Liberated? One with nature? This is for you!

Nobody should have to encounter the body image messages we are bombarded with today. Between unrealistic image retouching, the lack of diversity in size, shape, and color, and constant body shaming, I'm extremely saddened.


I've created an experience that combats that.


Join me in the outdoors where you will have complete control over what you wear (or don't wear), dance on a mountaintop in your skivvies (turns out that's really fun), and release all of that negative energy.


This is about feeling free, not about if you can be the next Victoria's Secret model.


There is no doubt that boudoir sessions help improve self-confidence, but I do have one small critique of the standard boudoir session. After layers and layers of makeup, extreme skin smoothing, and heavy retouching + editing, you've got an image that totally plays into that negative narrative: you aren't beautiful or worthy of letting all inhibition's go until you've become someone else.


I like to keep things more natural. You are welcome to choose your level of makeup (I practice full-time makeup abstinence!), what body hair you'd like to rid or keep, and what you'd like to reveal. I know you are beautiful just how you are so I will make sure every image still looks exactly like you! There will be no body slimming, nose shrinking, or eyeball enlarging, over here!


When you receive your images, you will gain an actual confidence boost because you know that every gorgeous image is 100% the real YOU!

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